Chef’s Corner

Marcey Freese – Dining Services Director

It takes an especially talented person to oversee a smooth dining operation such as ours. With multiple dining venues and menus, Marcey Freese has proven she has what it takes. Of course, she has had a lot of practice. Working for another local retirement community for 13 years, Marcey oversaw a team of 95 associates, managing talent recruitment, training and schedules for two full kitchens, three satellite kitchens and five dining rooms. And she did it year after year without a single deficiency noted in federal, state and county surveys and audits. Naturally, we liked her track record before she got here and now that she’s leading our outstanding team of dining associates, we continue to be impressed. Marcey not only has excellent management skills, she’s also a talented cook, a skilled bartender and she even leads a Watermark University class on cake decorating. In addition to ensuring a quality dining experience, she loves planning special events that showcase the skills of our talented team.

Marcey originally trained to be an artist, but thank goodness she tip toed into the dining profession because she simply missed working with people. As a result, she has learned everything she knows about dining service on the job. And she’s still learning. Energetic, caring, hardworking, and supportive, Marcey describes herself in one word as “a pleaser.”

Regarding joining Watermark, Marcey says, “It feels like I was meant to be here. I love how Watermark gives back to the community and cares for its associates, residents and families like they are family.” Marcey says she enjoys making a difference in the lives of people both personally and professionally.  “I want everyone from the dining staff to the residents, their family and friends we serve to enjoy their time here every day and to look forward to it, whether it’s their workplace or the best dining experience as possible,” she said.

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