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Employee Pumpkin Carving Contest!

To get into the Halloween spirit, employees from each department carved their best pumpkins in hopes of winning a pizza or Eegees party for their team! Each department had the same rules:

1.) They had to freehand their design. No stencils allowed.
2.) They were allowed to bring one tool of choice to create their carving. Spoons for scooping and markers were provided to each team.
3.) Have fun! Each department showed its unique talent and in maintenance’s case, their tool of choice was a power drill!

Each pumpkin was awarded a title like most artistic, scariest, most classic and silliest. The overall winner was Rachel, a caregiver at The Inn. Her design not only impressed the judges but the residents who cheered on the carvers! We can’t wait until next year to see who will win the glory and the party for the best pumpkin carving!

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