Extraordinary Outing to the Chiricahua National Monument

Residents from The Inn journeyed almost three hours to go see the Chiricahua National Monument. This outing is the result of the residents interest in the Chiricahuas after we learned about them in our Watermark University Geography Class. With such beauty so close to us, we had to go see it in person! The drive was absolutely gorgeous as we drove east towards Wilcox. When we arrived at the monument, we went to the Faraway Ranch picnic area and ate a delicious fried chicken lunch with potato salad, macaroni salad and a refreshing soda pop. We then stopped by the visitor center and got a map of the monument. We continued up the 8 mile paved scenic Bonita Canyon Drive. We were blown away by the beauty and strange rock formations. Once we reached the Massi Point, a park ranger by the name of Suzann, got on our bus to tell us all about the history, geography and wildlife of the Chiricahuas. After she answered all our questions, we got out of the bus to get a better look! After we stopped back at the visitor center where we got out to look at the video they had about the park as well as a exhibit about the Chiricahuas. Suzann also gave us all a free book about the Chiricahuas! When we got back home, the kitchen had dinner for us and we ate in the library together. It was a great outing with great people!

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