Extraordinary Outing to the Aquarium

Residents from The Inn and Gardens headed up to Scottsdale for a trip to the Odysea Aquarium on Thursday, March 21. While there, we got to see all sorts of aquatic life. We started the journey learning about Monster Fish that live in the Amazon River. From there we got to have lunch in the Lighthouse Cafe. We all enjoyed burgers and hotdogs. Afterwards, we got to see sea turtles, sea lions, and the many colorful fish that live in the ocean. To finish off the day, we got to partake in a private tour. During this tour we learned about what goes on behind the scenes to keep an aquarium running. We even got to see the open tops of the shark exhibit and learn about the sharks that live there. This was a fun filled day where we learned all about different aquatic life! We all sure had a great time!

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