Generation to Generation, Plastic Bags to Mats

Recently the Arizona Daily Star’s reporter, Johanna Eubank, did a piece on recycling those plastic bags that we all have and try to find practical and ecological ways to reuse. Johanna learned of a group of very talented residents who have met nearly every Saturday for over five years, turning those plastic bags into sleeping mats for the housing challenged. As a result of the coverage in the local Star, we have been gifted with colorful plastic bags from like minded Tucson residents and folks as far away as Massachusetts. Ailson Conley, Sustainability Engagement Coordinator from the University of Arizona Honors College ’20 studying Environmental & Water Resource Economics, heard of our project and was interested in bringing students in to learn more about what our community was doing to make a difference in staying green while contributing to the lives of others. The 10 residents that have been sorting, cutting, tying and crocheting mats were joined by 15 students last Monday evening. We all enjoyed pizza and then the residents showed the students how to cut, tie and add stitches to crochet. This was an amazing evening for all of us and we look forward to having the students come back monthly for dinner and crocheting. What an extraordinary partnership!



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