Gorgeous Grandma Day!

In honor of Gorgeous Grandma Day, July 23rd, we had a glamour party, with the help of Bayada, for all the gorgeous ladies here at The Inn & Gardens. We served cookies, champagne and peach iced tea for the ladies to enjoy. Bayada provided all kinds of glamorous props like faux furs, wraps, pearls, tiaras, gloves and so much more! They had famous glamour shots for inspiration that each resident got to pick how she wanted to look and recreate these glamour shots. Leading up to the event, we also got pictures of the ladies from when they felt most glamours or gorgeous. We had lots of wedding pictures and glamour shots on display. It was such a fun activity with the glam-mas! When we get the pictures from our photographer we will have a follow up post to share all the wonderful glamour shots!

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