Kartchner Caverns

In November 1974, two young cavers, Gary Tenen and Randy Tufts, were exploring the limestone hills at the base of the Whetstone Mountains. In the bottom of a sinkhole they found a narrow crack leading into the hillside. Warm, moist air flowed out, signaling the existence of a cave. After several hours of crawling, they entered a pristine cavern.

Kartchner Caverns is home to:

  • One of the world’s longest soda straw stalactites: 21 feet 3 inches (Throne Room)
  • The tallest and most massive column in Arizona, Kubla Khan: 58 feet tall (Throne Room)
  • The world’s most extensive formation of brushite moonmilk (Big Room)
  • The first reported occurrence of “turnip” shields (Big Room)
  • The first cave occurrence of “birdsnest” needle quartz formations. Many other unusual formations such as shields, totems, helictites, and rimstone dams.

Our community visited Kartchner Caverns last week and we were inspired by the beauty of the formations that have formed over thousands of years, untouched by mankind. Rangers James and Star were knowledgeable and enthusiastic and made our visit memorable and inspiring.

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