#NationalDayofDecency at The Fountains

Today, May 14, 2019, we joined the nation in celebrating basic civility that we all deserve as human beings. The group of residents that met had very powerful things to share. They commented on how they feel our community is warm and  that compassion and respect is exercised here daily. There was agreement that we are like family here. We spoke about what motivated Lisa Cholnoky the founder of The Day of Decency and read the history of events that led to the Mayor of Tucson proclaiming it Day of Decency in Tucson. We all agreed that demonstrating civility is important. We talked about “The One Hundredth Monkey” and how critical mass creates shifts in behaviors and ways of thinking. We also talked about the Ben’s Bells project which promote kindness. We each declared what we will be doing today to support decency in our community.

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