Passover Seder at The Fountains

The Passover Seder (meaning order) is the most celebrated and beloved of Jewish holidays. This holiday is rich in traditions and customs passed from generation to generation. Most Jews hold cherished memories of family times spent at a Seder. Telling the Passover Story is believed to be an obligation observed by Jewish ancestors ever since the Jews fled from slavery under the rule of Pharaoh in Egypt. This command to tell the story to our children is interpreted as a mitzvah or good deed.

We held our Seder last night with Cantor Janece Cohen officiating. We had over 55 residents and family members attend our Seder. We sang songs, drank the recommended 4 glasses of wine, asked the 4 questions and dined on traditional foods like gelfite fish, charoset a delicious blend of apples, walnuts, honey and cinnamon and of course matzah ball soup.

It was wonderful to celebrate our independence and freedom with friends and family!

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