Rails, Trails and Museums: Amtrak, Horseshoe Cafe & The Amerind Museum

We departed The Fountains at 6:45am on Thursday and headed downtown to the Amtrak station. We boarded the the Number 2 train heading east to Benson, AZ. We spotted coyotes, rabbits, wildflowers and pristine open desert. We deboarded the train at the Benson stop and headed across the street to the well known Horseshoe Cafe to eat a hearty and delicious breakfast. Full and ready for the next leg of our trip, we boarded our Fountain coach (Our driver Laura met us in Benson) and drove through the incredible Texas Canyon which is about 65 miles due east of Tucson. We arrived in the small village of Dragoon, located in famous Chochise County to visit The Amerind Foundation. The Foundation is a museum and research facility dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of Native American cultures and their histories. Lissa was our docent and provided us with the rich history of how the Fulton family arrived in 1930 and established a research institution dedicated to preserving the archaeological past of the Native Americans who inhabited the area within surrounding Texas Canyon. After an informative tour, we boarded the bus and returned home. This was truly an extraordinary adventure for all!

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