The Fountains at La Cholla was very nice and very clean. The rooms were nice and large enough for one person. They had a lot of activities for the residents. The people there seemed nice. The staff member that I met was a very nice person, she provided me with more information than I expected, and she was very concerned about my situation.

Review by Curtis

The food is very good at The Fountains at La Cholla. They have good staff there. Everybody is friendly. The residents are friendly too. We stayed there for two years. Another good thing I have to say about The Fountains is that they are in a location where there are plenty of medical facilities around it. There is a hospital within a quarter of a mile.

Review by Ray24

The Fountains at La Cholla is very nice and the people running it are very compassionate. I think that my sister gets very good care there. She has a private room, which is not the smallest room available. It has a little kitchenette with a refrigerator, a sink and a microwave, a bedroom, and one bathroom. The staff is very nice and very cooperative. They hesitate to move her or to suggest moving her because she is content there and has never asked to be moved. She has been in one place and she was adamant about leaving it. I consider the food very nice. They do provide rides around Tucson to interesting places. There are a wide range of activities such as Bingo, games, and movies — that sort of stuff. They have classes in painting, current events, and various subjects that the groups might be interested in. They have intimate groups for conversation or dialogue. I don’t know if she gets all the medical attention that she needs, but all of her personal needs are met.

Review by Florence10

We have been here 15 months and are very happy and satisfied. We enjoy many activities, such as exercise classes, dancing, and education sessions. The quality of all is excellent.

Review by Anonymous118885850

Everybody is friendly at The Fountains. The staff is extremely helpful, but the neatest thing of all are the classes you can take, and the clubs you can join. It’s a fantastic, learning situation. We moved into a casita, which is a small, attached house, but we’re still eating at the dining hall. Everybody has a balcony, patio, or walkway so they can go out. They’re running courses, playing Bridge, doing chair yoga, and there’s water calisthenics all year round. There’s bingo four nights a week, every Wednesday there’s live entertainment, and a monthly birthday party. There’s a library, two swimming pools, bocce court, cafe onsite, and a putting green. They accept dogs and cats.

Review by Lady G.

I’ve moved in at The Fountains at La Cholla. I really like it. I’m almost in and settled, so everything is just fine. I’m perfectly satisfied. My apartment is all decorated, and everything seems really good. The staff has been wonderful since I’ve been here. I don’t have any complaints at all. They have just been wonderful to me. The food is OK. I’m very particular with what I eat. I buy my own groceries, so I eat all organic. I eat some of my meals downstairs, but mostly I cook in my apartment because I don’t eat fatty fried stuff, but the meals that I had down there had been alright. I have met some really nice people here and enjoy visiting with them. I think all is well. They’re top notch as far as I’m concerned. The place is clean. The staff is friendly. I don’t have any complaints whatsoever. I think it is a marvelous place to live.

Review by Charlene25

In Tucson there are several different assisted living facilities to choose from. The Fountains has one of the best reputations for having to most to do and having the greatest grounds. I was very impressed with the rooms and the overall cleanliness of the whole facility. The staff seemed very friendly and knowledgeable. The activities available were also very impressive. Not only did the facility offer a wide range of activities on site, but they also provided transportation to other activities off site. My Grandmother was very impressed with the beauty salon that they had on site for guests. I think this made her feel at ease to not have to replace her old salon. The only negative that we could find was the price. Everything was top of the line and very impressive and I am sure they are able to do that with how much each guest is paying to live there.

Review by carlygoods

Upon walking into the lobby there is an immediate good feeling. Everyone — staff and residents alike — are smiling and welcoming. The food is very good and nice variety, maintenance problems are taken care of quickly, and the staff is quick to lend needed assistance and is caring and friendly. Love it!

Review by Maxine4

We were able to look at The Fountains at La Cholla, and it was very, very nice. Their units were very nice. The lady that ran the place was excellent and was really efficient. The cafeteria was good and clean.

Review by Stan7

I really liked my visit at The Fountains at La Cholla because it wasn’t such a hard sell kind of thing. Some people I got calls from were really pushing for the hard sell. They put me on the waiting list. When I walked in there, they were having a big musical gathering in the dining room which I know my mom would love. Their one bedroom unit was really nice. Their dining is kind of like a restaurant style menu with tablecloths. The price was also very reasonable.

Review by Laura105212150

My mother-in-law visited four or five other facilities, but she chose The Fountain. She is in the Independent living. The biggest reason she liked it was because the place has a fault monitor built in. If somebody for whatever reason needs to call the paramedics, they have somebody 24 hours that will stay with the patient until help arrives. They provide two meals a day. There is a continental breakfast and your choice of lunch or dinner. They have a pretty nice menu although she is not always happy with it. She is diabetic and has a lot of food restriction. But she can prepare her own meals in her apartment’s kitchen. They also have a cafeteria style or deli style where you can order custom sandwiches. She only moved there less than month ago and is still getting used to the people and how they do things. They go out to different locations like the desert museums. They arrange trips to see plays and so on and so forth.

Review by Caring95805550

I have friends here in The Fountains at La Cholla, and I shopped around among about six other facilities before I chose this one. The staff are very helpful. The rooms are wonderful, beautifully cared for, and beautifully made. With activities, you name it, they’ve got it. They have a recreational program, and they have a free bus service to various shopping areas, to some of the downtown places, and other places of interest around the city. What impressed me most is their friendliness. It is very well secured, 24/7, 365, complete security and people on duty every minute of every day.

Review by Caring106519850

I toured The Fountains (The Fountains at La Cholla). I really like it. I thought it was good. It seemed like they’re very well established. The people there were great. They were doing an exercise program with the residents when I was there. I did look at their calendar to see their other activities. The dining area looked fine.

Review by Christina745063

We moved to a casita at The Fountains at La Cholla 3 years ago. The staff and residents are very friendly, the food is good, the activities are plentiful, i.e. we attend the Tai Chi Class twice a week, I play bridge twice a week, we go by bus to performances of the Arizona Theatre Company, attend some luncheons and dinners at local restaurants (again on the Fountains bus) and generally just enjoy life!

Review by Anna Belle Emery

Our family spent some quality time with my father and his wife on the property. We have very high praises for the staff, atmosphere and quality of life provided by this facility.

Review by Erik Johnson

From the day I moved in I found the staff to be exceptionally caring and helpful and that remained the case a year and a half. This phase of my life is now home to me as I have made many friends. There are too many accolades to list here but I would be willing to talk to you personally.

Review by Lee Katz
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The amenities and services are extensive at the Fountains. There is a wide variety of housing choices and prices are very competitive. We really like the large open lobby area and the cafe open to the public. It is in a safe and convenient area of town.

Review by Eileen Farland
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The marketing staff (Grace) was gracious and extremely helpful. A binder was sent to my mother prior to her move in which was extremely helpful (new address, lease, resources, etc.)

The community is very clean, residents are everywhere (activities, dining, or just chatting) and the staff calls them by first name–very important.

The daily menu is wonderful–several selections along with “sides” and desserts. The dining room is clean, spacious, and well-appointed.

I would definitely recommend this community!

Review by Marilyn Chico
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Overall things have gone very well at The Fountains! I’d give them high marks across the board! It’s a nice looking place, and everyone here is very friendly. They also do a great job with the food!

Review by Evelyn Horst
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The place has been really great. The community is fantastic, the majority of people living there are very happy. The staff is very nice and bend over backwards. Of the five places we visited, it was the least hotel looking and the most homey looking, and we saw the most interaction between residents and staff. The size of the room was nice, and was one of the least expensive for the size and the amenities. We have a nice view out the back to an area that is kept clean and well manicured. The thing I thought was really nice was that when we would be walking through, the lady who was showing us around, knew everyone’s name. The nurse couldn’t have been nicer, too.

Review by Ck Eley
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Their move-in consultant was extremely helpful, they never got impatient with our multiple visits and questions, and everyone from the staff to the residents were helpful and welcoming. We are very happy we chose The Fountains for our mom.

Review by Michelle Vaccaro
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I love it here, I tell everybody, that I love it so much I can’t stand it. They have exercises and swimming exercises. The food is okay, I’m eating better now, than I did before. We have a casita and they have kitchens so I can cook when I feel like it. Everyone is very helpful. The maintenance man is really nice, and thoughtful.

Review by Sandra Houston
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This is a smaller community and the staff are great. The food is good and if you get there early enough they have a good variety of choices. They offer several card games such as poker, bridge and pinochle. They also have other activities available. The community is close to the Northwest hospital. This community is well taken care of and I would recommend it.

Review by Tucson, AZ Resident
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I would recommend The Fountains to my family and friends. After visiting I was ready to move in myself! This was the first community we looked at and it definitely set the bar high for other communities. My mom is still getting settled but already loves the community. I have had the opportunity to enjoy meals with her and the food is great. We received great service and the dining room staff was very helpful. My mom is also looking forward to attending the exercise programs available. Her room has a great view and she is very comfortable in her new apartment. The entire staff is very friendly.

Review by Tucson, AZ Family
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Loved this facility! Staff were amazing! So much activity going on and the energy level was high. Food was really good. Top of the list for us.

Review by Tucson, AZ Visitor
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The Fountains was the community that was the “best” fit for the priorities that were most important to my parents. Some of those were: affordability, location, convenience of covered parking, continuing care options located in the same campus area, dining facility, and the updated apartment amenities. There are common areas with books, computers and seating in various locations in the building. The unit patios are a nice amenity, along with the convenient laundry facilities placed throughout the building. Many of the residents have decorated the areas outside of their doors making the hallways inviting and individualized. Pictures and artwork can be hung in the units so that it feels like home. The Fountains has a staff member that helped my parents determine what pieces of their furniture would fit in their unit. It made the move much easier and my parents were so happy that so many of their things could come with them to their new home. I would definitely recommend touring The Fountains. I think you will like it.

Review by Pam C.
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It’s been just excellent. The people are wonderful, and the food is great! It’s clean, and the staff is friendly, and we are very happy with them. It’s just been wonderful.

Review by Guy and Linda Scholey
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The thing that impressed me the most at The Fountains at La Cholla is the attitude of the staff and the general feel of the facility on a purely subjective level. So that was good. Bringing my mom from another facility on the east coast, comparing the two, the people here are interested in doing things rather than just sitting around getting older.

Review by Tucson, AZ Family
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My Mom has not even been there a month. In the short period of time that we have been there, they have been really wonderful. My Mom is in rehab and they have come to check on her at the rehab facility to see how she was doing. The facility is nice, the room is priced at a reasonable rate. Anytime we call, they are there to help. The staff really cares.

Review by Tucson, AZ Visitor
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It’s been fine so far. The thing that surprised me is that everyone warned me about difficulty in the transition, and there wasn’t any it was very seamless. That goes to their credit, they are considerate and aware of that and sensitive to it.

Review by Lisa Kimmel
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We have enjoyed living at The Fountains for many reasons. First and foremost is the friendliness of the staff, and willingness to go the extra mile for their guests. Secondly, the food is outstanding; just couldn’t be better.The Fountains is a lovely residence with excellent facilities, activities, and security.

Review by Guy and Linda Scholey
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