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Rose Canyon – Mt. Lemmon Picnic

On one of the hottest days of 2015, 39 residents escaped the heat of the desert on June 19th and traveled up the mountain for relief from the heat and to enjoy a wonderful picnic lunch. Mount Lemmon, with a summit elevation of 9,159 feet, is the highest point in the beautiful Santa Catalina Mountains. It is located in the Coronado National Forest north of Tucson, Arizona. Mount Lemmon was named for botanist Sara Plummer Lemmon, who trekked to the top of the mountain with her husband and E. O. Stratton, a local rancher, by horse and foot in 1881.

We dined, played games, blew bubbles and totally enjoyed the mesmerizing scent of the tall pines and cool breezes. We all really enjoyed this extraordinary outing!

Mt. Lemmon Picnic and Music Montage
The Fountains at La Cholla - Mt. Lemmon Picnic at Rose Canyon

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