The Fountains at La Cholla Residents Dine at Hacienda del Sol

We were honored to be lunch guests at the historic Hacienda del Sol. The food was delicious and we were hosted by one of the owners who shared the history of this iconic Tucson treasure. In 1929 John and Helen Murphey created Hacienda del Sol; a desert retreat inspired by early Moorish architecture. The property was originally a “home away from home” ranch school for the daughters of society’s elite families. The prestigious school’s roster boasted names such as Vanderbilt, Pillsbury, Maxwell, Westinghouse, and Campbell, to name a few. In the late 1930’s, renowned architect Josias Joesler was commissioned to rebuild and redesign sections of the ranch, adding his notable signature to many architectural details. Sometime around 1944, Hacienda Del Sol was converted into a guest ranch that gained notoriety among Hollywood’s most popular stars. Legend has it that the Hacienda’s Casita Grande was a favorite romantic hideaway of Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn. Leading men John Wayne and Clark Gable both signed their names to the hotel’s illustrious guestbook. Howard Hughes, who owned a filming studio in Tucson at the time also found comfort and privacy within the walls of the Hacienda. The guest ranch was forgotten for some time… until 1995 when fate landed the secluded property into the loving hands of a group of Tucson investors. With the vision of returning the ranch to its original glory, the owners have continually renovated and renewed Hacienda Del Sol with special care. We thank you Robyn and look forward to returning soon for another visit!

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